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Our Pastor

Raphael D. Montgomery 

A native of Baytown, Texas, Raphael D. Montgomery is the eldest of three children of 

Rev. Earl Montgomery and Pamela Montgomery. Pastor Montgomery received his formal education from the Goose Creek Consolidated Independent School district, having graduated from Ross S. Sterling High School. In 1993 he matriculated at Fisk University in Nashville, Tn. where he received his BA degree in Religious and Philosophical Studies. He furthered his education at Vanderbilt Divinity School in Nashville, TN., where he worked on his M.Div. degree.


Pastor Montgomery was baptized at an early age and was a lifelong member of Mt. Calvary Missionary Baptist Church under the leadership of the late Rev. Dr. Willie B. Ridgell. It was at First Baptist Church, Gallatin, TN, where Pastor Montgomery was licensed to preach God’s word and at Mt. Calvary Missionary Baptist church, Mansfield, LA., where he was ordained to preach the Gospel by his father Pastor Earl Montgomery. Pastor Montgomery has been blessed to Pastor 3 churches, St. Mary’s Missionary Baptist Church in Hankamer, Texas; St. John Missionary Baptist Church in Hartsville, Tennessee; and St. Miles Missionary Baptist Church in Ames, Texas.

On January 2, 2011, Pastor Montgomery commenced his official duties as Pastor of the Mt. Calvary Missionary Baptist Church. Under Pastor Montgomery’s leadership the church has under gone a major renovation both physical and spiritually. Over 100 souls have been added to God’s kingdom and ministries have been birth such as: The Season Saints Ministry, The Youth and young adult Empowerment Ministry, The G.A.P. (God’s anointed People) Ministry, The Beat the Street Ministry, The Mind Body and Soul Ministry just to name a few. Pastor Montgomery believes it is preaching God’s word the draws individuals to the church but it is teaching God’s word that keeps them in the church. Bible Study averages more than 100 individuals weekly.  


Pastor Montgomery holds firm to the belief that all things are possible to those who believe. He constantly reminds us that the power of death and life are in the tongue. His motto, “If you believe you will, you can and if you believe you won’t, you can’t” challenges us to always believe in ourselves as God believes in us. Pastor Montgomery is married to Sis. Shawnette Montgomery. They have three wonderful kids: Deonte Montgomery, Xavier Montgomery and Kayla Montgomery. We are excited about what God is doing at Mt. Calvary and we know as Pastor Montgomery continues to follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit, Mt. Calvary will continue to be “The Place ”.

Pastor received his Masters from Fuller Seminary in Theology, June 2017. 



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